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Ihle Fabrications is proud to manufacture Alpha Innovations’ Dry Seed Finisher Closure & Loading System. Find out more information about Alpha Innovations and their product, and how to purchase. 

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This product was created by Norm Wagoner with Alpha Innovations. For questions or to order, call Norm at 515-778-3708 or email him here

Introducing the Dry Seed Finisher (DSF) Closure & Loading System

Dry Seed Finisher Closure System

Dry seed finishers have an inherent issue – dust management. DSF dust negatively impacts workspaces and covers unwanted surfaces. The dust contaminates air, clothing and equipment creating walking hazards and slick working surfaces. And this dust follows you home from work.

Introducing our new Closure and Loading System, created specifically for the dry seed finisher. This new system is manufactured by Ihle Fabrications, uses 304 stainless steel which is corrasion resistant.

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A significant portion of dry seed finisher dust is created when filling your dry applicator. We are here to fix that!

Key Benefits and Features of the DSF Closure & Loading System

The new closure and loading system provides an easy to use dry applicator DSF product loading zone for low/no dust impregnating process, creating a cleaner environment for applicators.

Alpha Innovations Loading Area
Alpha Innovations Rubber Sealed Top

The rubber banded, steel top and enclosure traps dust, increasing DSF handling efficiencies and safety by separating workers from workspace DSF dust, and dramatically lowering these dust levels within the plant.

This system works for CT, KSi and USC dry applicator models and comes in the 6- or 14-gallon option. 

Alpha Innovations full system

Have more questions? Download Alpha Innovations’ brochure on the DSF Closure & Loading System.

Know this is a product you need? Contact developer Norm Wagoner for more information by phone (515-778-3708) or email. 

Have you already purchased your DSF Closure System and need help? Download the installation information.