Harvesting environments can place significant demands on equipment. The choice of materials for parts is crucial, as it directly affects the performance and durability of a combine, especially when dealing with heavy loads, abrasion, and harsh conditions.

That’s why Ihle Fabrications is known as the agriculture equipment wear parts specialist because we craft our parts from the best steel available to help combines harvest more acres with less downtime. 

Steel Armor For Your Combine with Ihle Fabrications Wear Parts

By choosing the right steel option for combine components, farmers and dealers can enhance productivity, reduce maintenance costs, and achieve optimal results in the field.


Unmatched Strength

Allows for increased load-bearing capacity and
structural integrity during intense harvesting
operations with a nominal hardness of 450 HBW and a yield strength of approximately 1200 MPa.


Its wear-resistant properties protect combine
components from wear, impact, and material loss while extending durability, reducing maintenance costs, and improving overall machine performance.

Reduced Weight

Hardox® wear steel is lighter weight than traditional steels, contributing to fuel efficiency, and increased payload capacity.



Provides higher resistance to bending and other mechanical stresses experienced during harvesting operations.


Offers ease of fabrication and repair with the ability to be welded by common methods without being affected by high strength and retaining good form.


Strength enables it to withstand impacts and shocks inherent in the harvesting environment, ensuring reliable performance and reducing the risk of downtime due to equipment failures or component damage.

Other Quality Ihle Steel Used


Mild Steel

Stainless Steel

AR200 steel is a medium-carbon manganese steel with moderate hardness of 170-250 BHN. It is an inexpensive abrasion-resistant material that can be machined, drilled, punched, and formed. This material is very durable and weather resistant due to added alloys making it a great Ihle material.

Ihle Fabrications uses several types of mild steel for its production, ranging from 1/8″ steel up to 16 gauge steel. Mild steel is an exceptional choice for wear parts due to its easy to weld ability, its versatility, it’s durability and strength as well as the availability of this affordable material. 

The name alone lets dealers know these wear parts will not rust. Due to the elements our harvesters are forced to endure, knowing your combine is armored with stainless steel gives you the peace of mind knowing your wear part will last. Ihle uses 3/16″ up to 16 gauge stainless steel for our parts.

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