Core Purchase Program

We Buy Back Your Used Parts

Ihle Fabrications wants your used parts. We will buy back the following items from you: unload tube cast rings, bottom clean grain elevator boots, worn elevator heads, concave h- frames, Flagship transition cones and Midrange transition cones.

Why We Collect Used Parts:

Ihle Fabrications reuses worn parts and fabricates them into Certified Case Reman parts.

How We Collect Used Parts:

Contact Ihle Fabrications at 515-329-8050 or by email at to make arrangements.

Cast Rings - $100

Off the high capacity unload tubes on the 30, 40, 50 flagship series combine – must cut the cast ring off one inch past the weld

Bottom Boots - $100

For all Flagship 10, 20, 30, 40, 50 bottom boots – condition does not matter

H Frames - $100

All Flagship h frames … must be damage free from rocks, no bent bars

Elevator Heads - $100

For all Flagship and Midrange combines

Transition Cones - $200

For all Flagship cones and Midrange large rotor cone cores, the dealer or customer must submit a photo to for core approval.

All prices for items delivered to Ihle Fabrications.