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Ihle Fabrications was born upon the idea of taking a problem farmers are facing, and creating an easy, custom solution for that problem. Ihle began twenty-some years ago on a family farm and today, has grown into a full-scale manufacturing facility where ideas for solutions to combine problems continue to be solved every day through innovation. 

Here are some of our latest ideas which will be coming soon to our line up of inventory.

Extended Wear Bubble Up Auger

Built for: John Deere

Description: Coming to Ihle Fabrications’ line up of John Deere parts is our extended wear bubble up auger. These augers will be ready in Q2 and are made with Hardox® 500 steel flighting – a material 2.5 times
stronger than the OEM for extended wear life on this heavily used
combine part.

Pre-balanced before shipping and comes with our 24-month warranty,
you can be sure this Ihle part will be a go-to to keep your combine up
and running this fall.

To accommodate your combine serial number, we will offer three
different models of our upcoming bubble up auger.

Have an idea for a new wear parts product? Send it to us here:

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