Options to Protect and Extend the Life of Case IH and New Holland Combines

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SPRINGFIELD, Mo., Sept. 13, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — As harvest begins, it’s essential for farmers to keep combines rolling with minimal downtime. CNH Reman has them covered with their new line of enhanced wear parts by Ihle Fabrications, covering the combine from front to back.

More Options for Repair
Although remanufactured parts continue to be a staple in this line, CNH Reman now offers enhanced wear parts, including liner kits, that protect the combine and save the farmer time and money on repairs.

CNH Reman Dealer Development Manager Nick Borchers said dealer demand led the team to investigate additional parts that extend the overall lifespan of the combine.

“Remanufacturing has always been our niche business, but after we launched our Reman extended wear transition cone by Ihle Fabrications, we started considering the value of other wear parts and began looking at their entire portfolio.” Borchers said.

Quality Steel for Reduced Wear
CNH Reman enhanced wear parts have a longer wear life than standard OEM parts due to more robust metals used in the remanufacturing process. Parts with the highest areas of wear are made with Hardox® 450, a high-grade steel that lasts up to 2.5 times longer than standard steel. Other wear parts receive metals such as Strenx® 110 and other types of thicker-grade steel to improve durability.

Easier Installation to Reduce Time and Labor
CNH Reman also offers liner kits as part of this product line, which allows farmers to repair a part of the combine without replacing the whole component, reducing the time and cost of repair.

Installing liner kits before damage can help preserve the quality of the combine and protect it from further damage. Replacement liners can be installed without removing components such as a grain tank – a process that can take anywhere from 40 to 60 hours, whereas a grain tank liner kit can be installed over a span of about 8 hours.

“If a customer were to put this product in before the combine component has a hole in it, it would protect the original integrity of their equipment,” Borchers said. “Once the liner starts to wear, they can replace the liner and don’t have to worry about the whole combine taking on any damage.”

The wear parts in this line help farmers reduce time away from the field during harvest and keep them up and running until harvest is complete. Farmers can feel confident knowing they’ve saved now and later when the enhanced wear parts last longer than normal and they don’t incur the cost of replacement as early as they anticipated.

CNH Reman wear parts by Ihle Fabrications are now available through your local Case IH and New Holland dealerships. To learn more, visit www.mycnhreman.com/wearparts.