The Importance of Quality Combine Wear Parts for Maximizing Harvest Efficiency

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Farmers are currently in the fields, fighting the elements, to finish planting this year’s crop. As we wish everyone a very safe, weather happy and uneventful planting season, we would be remiss if we didn’t think about what all this hard work is going to produce in the coming months.

John Deere Service

While you are in your tractor planting, putting in those long days and nights to get your crop into the ground, we want to put a bug in your ear to focus on what the result of all this work is – the harvest of your grains.

We want to be there to help you get every kernel you can from your hard work.

Ihle Fabrications wear parts help you minimize grain loss on your combine. Our parts are designed to fit the OEM and to line that part of your combine where extreme wear and tear and damage are done by the grains, dirt, chaff and even rocks. Before you think about replacing a worn section of your combine, look to Ihle to see what tools we have up our sleeves to help you save some time and money this fall.

Rotor Puller Installation

Ihle’s focus is on creating parts that line your most heavily grain hit areas on the combine, combating holes which can lead to grain loss. Our bubble-up steel liners are one of our best-selling items. This tube is a fraction of the cost of replacing your entire auger tube system, covers all holes worn into this area, plus can stand in place of missing metal in your auger tube area!

Another heavy area of grain loss is in the feeder house section. Due to the constant abrasion and impact from rocks, soil and other crop material, feeder house floors can be deteriorated by wear and tear. Our Hardox® wear plate steel floor liner simply lays onto of the old floor and is plug-welded in. A nice easy fix to keep the grain flowing into your grain tank this fall.

Our sales team is standing by to answer your questions about combine wear and how you can use Ihle parts to combat grain loss this fall.

More acres. Less worry. More money in your pocket. Arm your combine with Ihle Fabrications wear parts today!